Thursday, April 15, 2010


I'm not exactly sure when applying blister pads and band-aids became a part of my daily routine, but they definitely are now. If I could buy blister pads in bulk, I'd do it in a second. I now find the backs of band-aids all over the place. I could swear every time I apply a new one I throw them in the trash, yet there they always are, collecting around the trash, behind the toilet, under the sink, in my soccer bag. I really need to work on this as anyone who knows me, knows I keep a very clean house and it's starting to drive me crazy. It's almost worse then finding those little black balls from turf fields all over the place after soccer practice.

I think it all began shortly after my first marathon in March 2010. Playing soccer evidently does nothing to make the situation on the bottom of my feet any better. Combine that with the fact that I put in 30-40 miles a week and I'm not entirely convinced I'll ever be free of my blister pad and band-aid routine. One can only dream though.

Icing has quickly become another part of my weekly routine. So much so that my sister even bought me a giant 8.5 x 11 ice pack as a birthday gift. Little did she know I already had one, but I was thrilled because I knew it meant with two I'd be able to hit both hips at the same time. These days it's quite common to find me with three ice packs scattered across my body multiple times a week.

You get the idea of why I chose to name my blog "Miles, Blisters, and Ice Packs", so why did the girl who never though she would be into blogging decide to start one of her own? Simple, I needed a place to keep track of my races. I want to remember it all. The races are the prize for all the hours and miles of training that goes into preparing for the big day.

Am I somewhat embarrassed by the fact that I look like I might keel over in some of these race pictures, yes. Do I care if my writing is not that of a professional and you're likely to find grammatical errors, no. These are my experiences, and I ultimately write them for myself.

(This keeps track of my running career from January 2010 forward)

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