Friday, August 30, 2013

The Giant Race - 8/4/13

I didn't take any pictures of this race so I've included a few throw back pictures from the previous year (2012). Once again we represented in full Giants colors....even though they're not having quite the year they did in 2012.

Race stats:
Overall female: unknown
Age group: 34 of 429
Chip time: 1:48:40
GPS time: 1:48:40 (.13 miles long)

San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon - 6/16/13

Spreckels Lake, Golden Gate Park
2nd half marathon start

Race Stats:
Overall female: 133 of 1,678
Age group: 51 of 633
Chip time: 1:48:41
GPS time: 1:48:47 (.15 miles long)

Oakland Half Marathon - 3/24/13

Annelyse and I ran this one together.  Always lots of fun entertainment along this course. The first two were taken at The Crucible in West Oakland. More photos to come.

Race stats:
Overall female: 685 of 1985
Age group: 125 of 309
Chip time: 2:09:28
GPS time: didn't run with my watch

Walnut Creek Turkey Trot 10K - 11/22/12

Race stats:
Overall female:  50 of 867
Age Group:  9 of 103
Chip Time:  48:26.31
GPS Time:  48:25.40

Pictures only from here on out

I find I no longer have time to write lengthy race reports. However, I do enjoy having a place to keep track of all my races, so I don't want to abandon my blog altogether. I've decided from here on out I'll be posting pictures and race stats only. If I'm feeling ambitious or something notable happened maybe I'll post a short recap.